Thursday, February 7, 2013

The iphone 5

While this post is possibly way past due I feel it necessary to comment on my opinions of the Iphone 5.

Let's just talk about upgrading for now.  There's a few things to consider.
  1. What Iphone do you currently have?
  • Iphone 4S - Keep your phone.  The only true benefit to having an Iphone 5 over the 4s is the height difference, and the LTE speeds.  You won't notice many of the other improvements, and it's better for you to either switch to an android phone, or wait for the next Iphone release.
  • Iphone 3,3S, or 4 - For the 3 or 3s, an upgrade is almost a necessity if you are a regular user of your smart phone.  By regular, I mean you commonly use app's, watch movies, multi-task, etc.  However, if you currently have the Iphone 4, I think you need to look deep into your heart and decide if a slightly faster phone and 4G LTE speeds are going to benefit you greatly.  I still give Iphone 4 owners a stay when it comes to upgrades.  The iphone 4 holds up well for being aged a bit, it's not a necessity to upgrade.
     2.  Does internet speed and phone speed make or break your satisfaction with your phone?
  • 4G LTE speeds are amazing.  Speeds on 3g in the Dallas area is around 800K, the speeds on 4G are around 1500K, the speeds on 4G LTE are around 5000k.  Often times 4G LTE is faster than my Wi-Fi at home.  Also take note, since getting 4G LTE I've increased my data plan to 2GB, and go over that just about every month.
  • The phone speed is always a plus.  Not having to wait for an application to load can save you frustration and possibly set the tune of your day.  There's hardly a noticeable difference between the 4s and the 5 speed wise, but of course the 3, 3S, and 4 all have rather noticeable speed difference when compared to the Iphone 5.
Overall : I'm not satisfied with the Iphone 5.  The biggest improvement was iOS 6, not the Iphone 5.  Sure the build quality "feels" more solid, and it went on a slight growth spurt while going on an even shorter diet, it just doesn't feel like i'm getting anything extra out of this phone other than the size, and noise canceling microphone.