Saturday, March 14, 2009

Apples Releases Itunes 8.1

Apple releases iTunes 8.1 update
New version adds Genius for video, iTunes DJ with voting, new Shuffle support

by Jim Dalrymple,

Apple updated its iTunes music jukebox and device-management software to version 8.1 on Wednesday, adding support for the new line of iPod shuffles released earlier in the day, and adding several other new features, most notably adding Genius Sidebar support for movies and television shows.
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Apple first introduced Genius in September 2008 as a way for users to create playlists and find new music based on what they are already listening to. Now that functionality is available for movies and TV shows as well, according to Apple. The Genius Sidebar will find relevant videos much the same way it finds music. When you click on a movie, iTunes will recommend new content that you may like from the iTunes Store. (We were unable to verify this feature for ourselves, though it's possible this feature will be enabled via a server-based Genius update at a later time.)

In iTunes 8.1, the Party Shuffle feature introduced in April 2004 has been rechristened iTunes DJ. While this feature has been around for some time, Apple added some new functionality specifically designed for iPod touch and iPhone users.

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