Saturday, March 14, 2009

Can you hack the Iphone? How about for $10,000?

The people at Pwn2Own would like to pay you $10,000 to hack the Iphone.

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The third installment of the Pwn2Own competition, a contest pitting hackers against popular gadgets and operating systems, takes aim at Apple's iPhone and four other smartphones. The contest will dole out $10,000 to anyone able to hack into the devices at the CanSecWest security convention in Vancouver, Canada from March 18-20.

Contestants, armed with phones running the Android, Symbian, and Windows Mobile operating systems, as well as a BlackBerry and an iPhone, will have to exploit "general actions a normal user would take while using the device," according to the rules of the sponsor, TippingPoint.

The three day competition will also include a Web browser division, focusing on a Sony VAIO running Windows 7 and installed with Internet Explorer 8, Firefox and Google Chrome, and a MacBook running OS X with Safari and Firefox. Contestants won't have physical access to their targets and will be given limited applications to work with on the first day. That will gradually expand over the next two days, and any successful bug nets the hacker $5,000.

Notable winners from last year include Charlie Miller, who felled the brand new MacBook Air two minutes into day two, and Shane Macauley and Derek Calloway of Security Objectives, aided by Alexander Sotirov, who exploited a flaw in Adobe flash to take down the Windows Vista operating system on the final day. [From: The Register]

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